Market Place

STORE HOURS:  TuesdaySaturday 11:45-7:00      CLOSED: Sunday & Monday

Although incubator kitchens are a growing trend around the country, Lemon & Sage is unique in that it offers a storefront for year-round sale of our members’ products, and a venue for them to host pop-up restaurants and daily lunches. This provides our members with the opportunity to test their products in the local market, as well as a means of income while they search for wider distribution (if that is their wish).

UTAH’S OWN: Products made Locally with Quality Ingredients

In our marketplace, customers can expect unique, high-quality products suitable for gift-giving or tonight’s dinner. We offer an assortment of in-house and other locally produced goods, as well as a few imported specialties. We love Utah businesses and definitely believe local is best when you’re looking for freshness and quality.

BAKERY: Fresh Baked Artisan Breads and Treats

LUNCHES: Tuesday Soup, Thursday Lunch

Stop in for a hot soup every Tuesday, or a hot lunch served every Thursday. As our membership grows, so will our selection and frequency of lunch offerings. Fridays coming soon! P.S. You can always check our fridge for pre-made meals, soup, pasta salad, etc. Have a lunch group? Give us a call to book your very own lunch in our loft. Our chefs would love to accommodate you at very reasonable rates.

SPECIALTY GROCERY: Unique Small Batch Products, Imported Specialties