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Lemon and Sage Membership

Lemon & Sage is an incubator kitchen, or a place you can grow your food-based business. Many times, the only thing standing in the way of a successful entrepreneur is access to a commercial kitchen, and the cost of starting your own can be daunting. Lemon & Sage removes this hurdle by providing beautiful, commercial kitchens equipped for production of your creations, and certified by the State Department of Health and Utah Department of Agriculture.

Although incubator kitchens are a growing trend around the country, Lemon & Sage is unique in that it offers a storefront for year-round sale of our members’ products. This provides our members with the opportunity to test their products in the local market, as well as a means of income while they search for wider distribution (if that is their wish).


Lemon & Sage offers highly competitive rates for commercial kitchen rental. If you check out our table below, you will see that our Platinum members are only paying $12.49 per hour! Additional hours beyond your plan do cost more, but you can always upgrade if you find yourself consistently needing more hours than your membership is allotted. Platinum members may use more than 80 hours per month, free of charge, based upon availability.

You don’t need a membership to use our kitchens. You can drop-in at the rate of $18 per hour with one of our punch passes, although, it really doesn’t hurt to get a membership since our contracts are monthly. So even if you’re just having a big event or you only work seasonally, you can sign up for what you need (a minimum of 20 hours per month) and put your membership on hold or cancel–no strings attached!

Plan Hours Included Per Month Storage Monthly Cost Hourly Cost
Platinum 80+ Long Term Fridge, Freezer, Dry* $999 $12.49
Gold 40 Fridge, Freezer, Dry $550 $13.75
Silver 20 Fridge & Dry, (Freezer for $20 per month) $299 $14.95
Drop In N/A Storage Negotiable (based upon availability) N/A $18.00
Food Truck Commissary 20 Storage Negotiable $299 $14.95
Private Rental (Entire Building) Days & Times Negotiable N/A N/A $440 for the Day
Private Rental (Upstairs Kitchen & Loft) Days & Times Negotiable N/A N/A $44/Hour + $10/Hour Additional if After Hours