Hello! Welcome to the first official blog post from Lemon & Sage Artisan Kitchens, Bakery and Market! Believe it or not, we’re finally nearing completion of our building! It’s been a very long process, but we hope you will be pleased with the results. Our beautiful, custom-made front door was just installed (Made by CR Doors here in Springville!). Insulation and drywall are going in this week. Pretty soon, you’ll see the brick going up on the facade. So exciting!

Once completed, our facilities will include commercial hoods, ranges, convection baking ovens, and many other pieces of professional equipment to make it easy for anyone looking to start up a food-based business. As we complete our equipment list, we would love your input on items you might find helpful in running your business. We can’t guarantee that we can stock everything you request, but it would be helpful to know what needs are out there.

We are hoping to have our commercial kitchen stations open to our members by June 2016. Unfortunately, you may have to wait a little bit longer for our storefront. We plan to open Lemon & Sage Market to the public in August 2016. We’ll definitely let you know if that changes, but, due to delays in construction, we have had to change our plans.

Whether the store front is open or not, we will be having an open house during Art City Days, June 11th, so come by and check out the new place! We’ll send out more information as the date approaches.

If you are interested in getting your food-based business idea off the ground, or you know someone who is, get in touch and we’ll send you more information. We’d love to help you out! We’re also offering a discount to our early members–just to help you get going. 🙂

We would also love to hear from cooking instructors–if you want to teach classes, we have a space for you! If you have your own cookbook, we would LOVE to promote it in our store. Our philosophy is to keep it local: local food, local business, local talent. If you have a product you would like featured in our store, get in touch–we’re working on our inventory lists right now. We offer a consignment option in addition to traditional wholesale.
Thanks again, and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or ideas. If you’d like to receive updates and offers by email, please fill out the form to the right to be added to our mailing list.

Best Regards,

Shannon Källåker
Owner/General Manager, Lemon & Sage Market, LLC