Due to the ongoing public health crisis, all Dinner Crafts sessions are suspended until further notice. Please go online and order our dinners at: DinnerCrafts.com

Lemon & Sage Dinner Crafts

Welcome to Lemon & Sage Dinner Crafts–your very own dinner workshop!

We’re here to help provide dinner for your family on those days you just don’t have time. We do all the planning, shopping, prep, and clean-up; you take home fabulous meals for your family.

Absolutely adore this place. Always something interesting going on to learn about food. Also neat and random items for sale in store. I have purchased a gorgeous locally made cutting board and also a took a granola making class. The granola was so delicious. The kitchen facilities are spacious and such a lovely work space. I often drop in to get a delicious treat and chit chat with Shannon. Thank you for this great addition to Springville!
Jody Spence
Great concept, awesome store. I don’t have to wait for a farmers market to get locally made eats! The owner was operating the store when my husband and I visited. She was very friendly and informative. I got a cookie and some Baked Potato Soup. Both were delicious.
Erin Schow Thompson
I had the coconut curry soup there last night. It was delicious! Just perfect. I can’t wait to try other offerings. And it’s not all food: I have my eye on one of the beautiful butcher blocks for sale there.
Jennifer Turner
Love the modern concept, my personal favorite is the #taufuel lunch on Thursday’s the food is absolutely amazing!
Katelyn Daniels Hunsaker
Love the pop up restaurant last night. Grateful to have something so unique and delicious close to home!
Marcie Perriton
The salmon lunch was amazing. So flavorful. And for such a great price. Will be trying more for sure!
Kami Loveridge Hall
Before it has even opened I can tell you that this will be an incredible place from incredible people.
Colleen Lee
Delicious food and great service! Very friendly, too!
Patricia Young Holcomb

It only takes about 2 hours to make 8 delicious meals!

All of our menus have been tested and approved by our own picky eaters, so we know you’ll love them! However, one of the beautiful things about using our workshop is that you have the freedom to CUSTOMIZE your meals! If your family won’t eat cilantro, leave it out. If they like things a little spicier, add a little more cayenne–it’s up to you!

We offer two sizes of meals: Regular (serves 6-8) and Small (serves 3-4). You may choose to get 1 of each Regular size, or 2 of each Small size.

Let us know if you need gluten-free! We can make all of our sauces using gluten free ingredients, and also adjust pasta, bread crumbs, etc. to gluten-free variants if we know in advance. However, please be advised that products containing gluten are prepared in the same facilities, so we are not certified gluten-free–we just use gluten free ingredients.

Dinner Crafts Pricing:


  • Feeds: 6-8
  • 8 Meals


  • Feeds: 3-4
  • 16 Meals

Dinner Crafts Pricing:

Meal Size # it feeds # of meals Price
Regular 6-8 8 $155.00
Small 3-4 16 $165.00

Here’s how it works:

  • Select the month you are interested in from the buttons below. Check out the menu, sign up, and make your payment using the appropriate PayPal button below the menu. You may also pay in the market or over the phone (801-515-6074) if you feel more comfortable doing that. We are open Tues-Sat 11-7.
  • Show up 5 minutes early for your scheduled Dinner Crafts session.
  • Bring a cooler, box, laundry basket, etc. to take your food home in. Keep in mind that you’ll be taking home 8-16 meals–they get pretty heavy! You may want two containers to carry them home in.
  • Bring an apron to wear, and tie your hair back if it’s long.
  • Rotate through the stations assembling your meals.
  • Have fun!

Pre-Made Meals!

Don’t have the time or energy to come in and assemble your meals? That’s okay, we can do it for you! We offer a limited number of meals for pre-order every month–just go to the month of your choice and see what we have to offer!

You may select from 8 Regular Meals, 16 Small Meals, or 8 Small Meals. Your hand-crafted dinners will be ready for you to pick-up in our market during our business hours 11-7 on specified days. It’s as easy as that!

Dinner Crafts Pre-Made Meals Pricing:

Meal Size # it feeds # of meals Price
Regular 6-8 8 $225.00
Small 3-4 8 $120.00
Small 3-4 16 $235.00

Our Policies:

One sign up is for one person. Unfortunately, we have limited space, so we don’t have room for “helpers”, unless it’s a special session like Date Night.

No changes or cancellations within 72 hours of your session. If you can’t make it, you are very welcome to send someone in your place.

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule a session if attendance is low. Customers will have the right to choose another session, have their meals made for them (at an additional cost of $30), or get a full refund.

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