La Spiga Bakery

La Spiga is a caterer whose mission is to bring a healthier cuisine to the tables of Utah’s families. Authoritative studies state that poor diet is one reason behind many serious illnesses such as: type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cancer.  It is La Spiga’s mission to guide the community to a more responsible diet in two ways:

  1. By producing flour products of the Mediterranean diet (bread, pizza, pasta) using the most suitable raw materials and the most advanced processing techniques, and
  2. Teaching the community how to make them at home through classes held in Lemon & Sage’s instructional facility.

La Spiga was founded in early 2016 by Jonathan Cagnacci and his wife Stefania Battistini as a result of their passion for good Italian food.

Jonathan has been a professional baker since September 1999 when he started his profession at the “Panificio Mario”, a popular Genoa bakery. In October 2015, Jonathan graduated as a Master Instructor from Pizza News School. He is currently a member of their examination commission, and returns to Italy to test the new Master Instructors. Those courses take place every six months in Venice, and are held by Master Luigi Ricchezza.

Pizza News School is a vocational school, with 138 seats around the world, sponsored by Grandi Molini Italiani ( GMI ) the main Italian Mill. Pizza News School issues certificates recognized by the European Community, and works on two fronts:

The first concerns the training of professionals, those who have already been operating for years in the bakery and pizzeria industry, through Master Instructor’s classes at the mill in Marghera.

The second concerns the training of private individuals and non-profit events in schools and social institutions (centers for the disabled, senior centers, and prisons), and is offered through pizza maker’s classes, held at one of the 138 locations around the world, addressing nutrition education through theoretical and practical classes called “Hands on Pasta”.

Lemon & Sage will become the first seat of Pizza News School in the US and the main seat of Utah.




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La Spiga Events at Lemon & Sage

Fresh Bread every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday