Market Place

STORE HOURS:  Tuesday-Friday 11:00-7:00      Saturday 11:00-5:00      CLOSED: Sunday & Monday

Although incubator kitchens are a growing trend around the country, Lemon & Sage is unique in that it offers a storefront for year-round sale of our members’ products, and a venue for them to host pop-up restaurants and daily lunches. This provides our members with the opportunity to test their products in the local market, as well as a means of income while they search for wider distribution (if that is their wish).

UTAH’S OWN: Products made Locally with Quality Ingredients

In our marketplace, customers can expect unique, high-quality products suitable for gift-giving or tonight’s dinner. We offer an assortment of in-house and other locally produced goods, as well as a few imported specialties. We love Utah businesses and definitely believe local is best when you’re looking for freshness and quality.

BAKERY: Fresh Baked Artisan Breads and Treats

LUNCHES: Fresh, handmade food all week!

Stop in for a hot soup every Tuesday, sandwiches on Wednesday, our weekly Thursday Lunch Special, and Friday Thai Curries. As our membership grows, so will our selection and frequency of lunch offerings. P.S. You can always check our fridge for pre-made meals, soup, pasta salad, etc.

Have a lunch group? We’ll host your lunch bunch! Give us a call to book your very own lunch on a Wednesday of your choice. Rates start at only $9 per person and include a dessert.

SPECIALTY GROCERY: Unique Small Batch Products, Imported Specialties